7 Smart Ideas for Your Kitchen Space Saving

Only because you cannot accommodate a six-burner stove, double-bowl sink in your kitchen, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function. Remember that there is a solution to everything. So, below are the smart ideas for your kitchen.

7 Stylish Ideas for Your Kitchen Space Saving:

1. Small yet mighty appliance:

A revamped vintage appliance such as the 21-inch vintage O’Keefe and Merritt are available in small sizes. The good part is, you do not have to sacrifice style for it. If you are a serious cook, you are going to get something that will fit the space.

2. Single-bowl sinks:

If you go for the single instead of a double bowl for the sink, it will be a wise option. You will be able to save a foot or more of counter space. It should be good enough to fit an under cabinet toaster. The smaller scaled single-bowl sink comes in every style.

3. Undermount sink:

If the above still does not do the job, here is a better option. You can save possibly every inch, going with a small, single-bowl, undermount sink. This leads the edges of your sink to be concealed. As a result, you should be able to eke out that all critical workspace.

4. Wall-mounted storage:

Are you equipped with a thin portion of a blank wall? You are probably thinking off hanging the calendar or a new painting in there. But we have a unique idea for you. Why not make the most of the space provided? Just mount rows of racks on the wall from floor to ceiling. Draping towels over the bar and using S-hooks for hanging kitchen tools will increase the efficiency by many folds. Now, install a magnetic knife rack. This idea can work just as well for pots and pans. You will be able to use every bit of space you have.

5. MacGyver Island:

Drop the idea to line up all the things galley style. Rather than that, try to open up the room and put every necessary item inside a compact all-in-one island. You are also going to get some space for people to sit on stools.

6. Minimalism with hardware:

This situation can seem quite mundane for now. However, inside the tiny galley kitchen, you will often run into large knobs and the handle. A range of high-gloss cabinet and decent lighting helps in opening up the tight kitchen here.

7. Cabinets atop:

Do you want to step a foot short while taking? Nobody does that, and you never will probably. Given the context, you should not worry as you can take every cabinet up. This notion can prevail soon as a small space may not be worth storing in a small area. If you buy ceiling-heights, you may feel empathy for those aided.

Final verdict

It is not easy trying to fill up the role in those kitchens. However, we have tried our best to cover the issue. The only baggage will be a gentle sleep. Unless there are other smart ideas to save some clothes.

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