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It has become a trend or a fashion to equip your kitchen with the advanced electronic equipment. Most of the kitchens have freezers, choppers, grinders, juicer machines and microwave oven etc. but with the passage of time, some latest kitchen accessories have been invented which are now easily accessible and available in markets. Out of them one of the latest inventions is an ice maker. If you want to serve your guests with a cold drink, you do not need to worry if you are having an ice maker in your kitchen items. Today, many ice makers are available in market, but the best of them is Emerson ice maker.

emerson ice maker

Now the question is what is the need of an ice maker if you already have a freezer for making ice cubes? Most of the people argue on this point. So, let us describe you that why you need an ice maker. First of all, the freezer you have in your homes is not large enough to make ice cubes for too many guests. If you got enough space, another problem is that it is not that much quick in its service. Also, you cannot use your freezer for other purposes if you start making ice cubes in it. So if you want to make you guests happy by serving them with cold drinks, you must go to buy an ice maker. It is easy to make enough ice cubes with a home ice maker in several minutes. The use of a portable ice maker is very easy. As it is very small in size and light in weight, so it is easy to handle with it. All you have to do is provide a power supply and put it under the tap of water. As soon as the water level gets up to its limit, ice maker starts working. It will give ice cubes according to your requirement in just few minutes.

Emerson Company was established in 1948, and they have invented so many electronic devices. Emerson is one of the oldest companies and has been recognized for its efficient work.  Emerson ice maker is the best and the fastest among all ice makers. Due to its effective work, it has become the customer’s first choice.  It meets all the needs and demands of customers. Its structure is very nicely and beautifully built and also it is not that much expensive. Even the middle class families can afford it. Emerson ice makers come in three different colors and they have different specifications.

Emerson ice maker – white:

emerson ice maker
Emerson IM90 Portable Ice Maker (White)

This white colored Emerson ice maker is portable and can easily be transported where you want. It can provide you a plenty of ice cubes according to your need. It is very stylish in look and has a latest design technology. It has a capacity of making 24 lbs of ice in a whole day. Also this Emerson ice maker has the additional feature of low noise operation. It means you rarely hear it while you are operating it. It is a very good feature of an electronic device because the noise of a device really disturbs you and the other people sitting beside you. This portable Emerson ice maker can make 9 bits of ice for every 10 minutes. It is very speedy in work so you won’t need to wait for long time. It makes ice cubes of bullet shaped that can be in three different sizes. You can make small, medium and large sized bullet shaped ice cubes. It has a display portion also, which displays the size of ice cubes and operating time of Emerson ice maker.


Emerson ice maker – silver:

emerson ice maker
Igloo Countertop Compact 26 lb. Portable Freestanding Ice Maker, Silver (Certified Refurbished)

The silver colored Emerson ice maker looks attractive. It may be preferred over other ice makers because of its beautiful and smart look. Silver color makes this an easy and first choice of customers. It has some additional features which make the use of device much simpler and easier. An ice scoop has supplied with it which allows you to pick up the ice very easily. Also there is an additional feature regarding security, and that is its automatic shut off mechanism. This prevents the device from getting damage and overheating. Other ice makers probably do not have this feature, so this silver colored Emerson ice maker can be preferred over them.

Silver colored Emerson ice maker has the capacity of producing 26 lbs of ice per day, which is 2 lbs greater than white colored Emerson ice maker. It has the flip up lid which makes easy access to the ice cubes. Another beneficial feature is that you can store 2.2 lbs of ice in it without melting. It can make three different bullet shaped ice cubes. Also, different size i.e. small, medium and large ice cubes can be produced.


Emerson ice maker –black:

Igloo Countertop Compact 26 lb. Portable Freestanding Ice Maker, Black (Certified Refurbished)

You can have a good deal of ice cubes for parties, trips and other events if you are using this black colored portable Emerson ice maker. It has the capacity of making 27 lbs of ice per day which is greater than the other two Emerson ice makers. Also, it has the storage capacity of 2.2 lbs. It provides an average of 10 cubes per cycle and works quite efficiently with no operating noise. It is environment as well as user friendly and provides the best features among all. It can let you make ice cubes of three different sizes as well as of three different shapes. It has a display portion also, which displays the water level, ice cube size, shape and the time left for ice cubes to get ready. It has water level of 3 quart.


These are the three types of Emerson ice makers. By having a look on their briefing, you can get to know that which type will suits you better. User manuals are also provided with three of them. You can easily operate any of them because the operating procedure is clearly described in user manuals. Also, their specifications and characteristics have been mentioned. One thing you need to keep in your mind is the cleanliness as well as the care of your ice maker. The lifetime of an ice maker depends upon how you are using it and how you are taking care of it. Also, you should not expose your ice maker to heat otherwise it will get damaged.

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