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Kitchen is not only where we prepare food anymore. It has become the heart of the house, with the preparation of meal, the reunion of the family while eating. And it is only fitting that it should be a happy, fun, and beautiful place.

So,here are some amazing ideas to renovate your kitchen, get that extra storage room to organize everything you need, or just to liven up your kitchen.


Build your own cabinet


If you really need the extra storage, or you want to feel like you made your own cabinets with your bare hands, we have the solution for you. This is an easy tutorial on how to build, from scratch, your own kitchen cabinet.

You will need some carpentry tools, like miter saw or circular saw, table saw, a power drill, a claw hammer and a layout square. Don’t forget the materials essential for the cabinet, like plywood. You can do this cabinet in any length you desire. Just remember to be safe!

Check out this amazing tutorial from for the how.

Cabinet plate rack

This idea is very simple! How many of us have some old cabinet or piece of furniture in a storage room locked away, or just taking up too much space in another room? Well, you can use that old cabinet to make something beautiful and practical in your kitchen: a cabinet plate rack.

You will need a drill, something to cut the wood and a ruler, to make sure you are cutting everything just right. Just remember your safety measures while using cutting tools. We don’t want any accidents! If you wish, you can buy some paint, and really give it a twist!

Head over to Blueroofcabin to see the finished look, and how easy it is to make it!


Pull-Out Cabinet Shelf


Sometimes, to get that extra storage you won’t even need to build something new – just renovate the cabinet (or cabinets) you already have! A pull-out cabinet shelf is great for storage and organization. You won’t need to bend your back in thirty different ways, trying to get that thing way at the back. Simply pull the shelf out, and voilá!  Everything is neatly organized and stored away.

This is a very cool project from and you can find exactly how to do it in this tutorial.


Refresh your cabinets

You can always do something a bit more easy, if you are not in the mood to build something new, but you still want something to freshen up your kitchen and change it up some.

And that’s color! You can choose different colors and styles, and just give it a little twist!

You can go all out, and paint every one of your cabinets. You can choose a fun color, or a more subtle one, but it is sure to make you feel like you have a brand new kitchen!

Just make sure you choose a color you really like, and that it will go well with the rest of the house. My personal tip: choose a color you can see yourself dressing in every day, as that what you will be doing to your kitchen!Check this tutorial from for a how-to-do-it very simple. And remember don’t be afraid to be bold.

If you wish to take the cabinet doors out, and have a cabinet without doors, you can always give the inside a bright look, to contrast with the outside. Just take the doors out – and don’t forget to take the hinges and smooth everything out, and then just paint the inside with a brighter color to give it that pop! If you wish to be a bit more bold, you could always buy some fabric, and glue it to the back of cabinet, giving it a really cool, fresh look.  This is an easy way to change your kitchen, and give it a bit of a twist, without having to go all out.

And remember, have fun with your kitchen!



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