How to Convert your Kitchen to a Study Area

Taking into consideration the limited space that most apartments offer these days, it is almost impossible to sacrifice an entire room in order to turn it to a study area. However, a kitchen been a room, or a part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or a commercial establishment, can be converted into a study room in the following ways.

The furniture you can’t do without are a desk or a desk surface, some shelves and some open-fronted or closed compartments to organize all your essentials once you’ve done your duty.

Creating an open plan kitchen

This is where you eliminate barriers such as walls and doors that separate distinct functional areas such as combining the living room, kitchen, and dining room into a single great room. Put the kitchen itself in the darkest part of the room, as this is where you will spend the least time. It makes far more sense to put the study area closest to the windows where you can sit and enjoy the light.

An equipped, furnished wall for the kitchen can be turned into a study corner to work in, do some homework or simply read a good book. If space is a problem for you, rest assured that with the right furniture solutions, you won’t necessarily need a whole room to study in.

Installing sliding pocket or bi-fold doors

Sliding doors open unlimited possibilities for the diversity of a space. You can easily divide spaces and even create complex space solutions. With a sliding door, you can also create space and make a smaller space larger by combining several rooms together.

This will enable you to open the space up or close it off as and when required. A study space can be created since there is no opening and closing of doors which take much space

Installing of double duty kitchen back splash

Refers to the material used to cover the area of wall between a kitchen counter top and the upper cabinets. The most important feature of a backsplash is that it must be resistant to the substances that could be splashed on it in order for it to look good and be effective. Having these back splash in your kitchen, a study area can be situated since the spills cannot reach your study area

Having a wall system in the kitchen

Having a wall system with its shelves, open-fronted elements, back panels, closing mechanisms with hinged doors, baskets, flap or bottom hinged flap doors, is an excellent furnishing solution for you to include a small study corner.

Use a kitchen table as a study space

You will also have the option to combine preparing supper with the homework session, which could save you time. Since the kitchen is already a functional area with good lighting and a lot of space, you will not have to make many adjustments to make it a place for studying.

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