How to make a coffee with the coffee machine

There is a lot of reason to drink coffee and enjoy life with every sip.

Coffee has now become trending drink in the world, and 400 billion of cups are being consumed yearly, that’s amazing, right?

Coffee has become a daily routine of people, and millions of people drink coffee every day.

How to make a coffee with the coffee machine? Many people have asked this question, but now your problem is going to be solved hurrah!

Making a coffee is an art and not rocket science. It is as simple as you can think; here you will have all the information that is required to make a coffee that gives some special taste.

When you are making coffee keep two things in your mind.

  • Caffeine
  • Best taste

Here is the guide that how you can make coffee with the coffee machine?

There are a lot of methods to make a coffee with coffee machine and without a coffee maker.

Coffee making with coffee machine is fun when you have learned the skills of making a good coffee.

When you have practiced and made a few coffees the whole method will be more natural, it is like driving a boat. Initially, it is tough to think to go into the sea, but when you will be a master, then you just enjoyed.

You can try the brewing process if you have not a coffee machine.

Coffee lovers know there’s no better way to begin the day than with a fresh cup of your favorite coffee.

Making a great floured coffee (An Overview):

There is a lot of coffee maker, but the best Nespresso machine is impressive to make a coffee.
Here are simple measurements and technique to make a coffee.

  • Grind
  • Pour
  • Milk texturing
  • Pouring the milk with art


If you bought accidentally coffee beans instead of pre-grind coffee, then there are several ways to grinds coffee beans without a grinder.

It depends upon you that which one is fit and available to grind coffee.

You can use a blender to blend coffee beans according to your needs.

Just put your needed beans in plastic bags and use a mallet or hammer to crush the beans.

While using a machine, a bitter, harsh taste will be produced.

Make shot after shot to get a best and beautiful golden color crema.


The pour or extraction take a little bit time approximately 23 seconds to 28 seconds.

Coffee extraction is the method in which coffee ingredients solve in water.

It requires the desired amount of coffee, correct temperature and time to extract a coffee flavor into o the groundwater.

Milk texturing/ stretching:

There are two phases and so much popular to textured the milk.

  • Aerating Phase
  • Emulsifying phase

In stretching or aerating phase, air is introduced in milk with pressure using the steam wands which increase the milk volume.

In emulsifying phase which is known as spinning phase too, steam is used to produce whirlpool effect and the ideal temperature, for this purpose is between 65°C – 70°C resulted in forming silky and creamy textured.

Pouring the milk with art:

First, pick up the jug in your hand with three fingers and hold up a cup from the handle and avoid putting your fingers into the cup.

The crema is deeper in a cup and keep mix and mix milk faster for good texture and drop your jug down tilt it a little bit more for well-textured milk.

When it comes to making a coffee with Nespresso machine, then these simple steps are waiting for you, Have a fun.

Firstly switch on your machine and press ON buttons, or open the slider.

If the machine has no longer been in use for extra than nine mins, it’ll automatically input a ‘sleep mode, to lessen energy consumption.

In the course of the pre-heating segment, a button will blink for 25 seconds.

Nespresso machine will anticipate your preferred cup selection based on the previous coffees consumed.

  • Insert a capsule
  • Close the slider

The flow will start automatically.

For the duration of the flow phase, you can exchange the cup volume by way of pressing the desired button.

You could forestall the go with the flow at any time by barely opening the slider.

The capsule will be ejected after 4 seconds.

Earlier than it is ejected, you may manually growth your cup extent through pressing the button.

Insert a Nespresso capsule.

Press and hold the button of your choice and now close the slider.

Soon the cup is filled, as your desire coffee.

Now add milk according to your taste or customer demand, make a beautiful texture and serve it with a spoon and cookies.

I hope you have enjoyed to readout these tips and method.

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