Magnetic paper towel holder for spectacular kitchen – Guide

When you are busy in the kitchen there are a few items that are frequently required by you but you never consider magnetic paper towel holder to be one of them. Paper kitchen towel though one of the most used items in the kitchen takes up a lot of counter space. Generally it stands on the kitchen counter with the help of a vertical paper towel holder rod or it may hang beneath one of the cabinets but it does come in the way of working. Many a time, you may just accidentally push the roll down the counter while working or may spill oil or water on the towel making the whole roll useless. These accidents are bound to happen and even if you are too careful while working the whole roll sitting on the kitchen counter is ugly enough to irritate your eyes.

Don’t you wish the counter could be more spacious and you could get rid of that towel roll from that place? The sight of the paper towel roll standing like a guard is not only space taking but also exposes the towel to the two most hazardous environmental factors which may compromise the health of your kids rather the health of your family as a whole. These factors are:

Dust– dust is present everywhere. When you place something in the open the dust settles down on that object. If the object is smooth in texture you will notice it in the form of a layer of brown coating but if the surface of the object is rough or absorbent in nature you will not even come to know that anything is wrong with it. Therefore it is always advisable from the point of view of health that all the things that are to be used in relation to food should be kept covered.

Insects– insects are another danger to the things kept in open. Insects like cockroaches are part of almost every house hold and how much so ever you may try you cannot get rid of them completely. These cockroaches roam about on all the surfaces of the things that are kept on the counter top or near the sink in the kitchen contaminating those things and even making them infectious. If you touch those things that have been contaminated and then cook food with those very hands you are probably exposing your family to the greatest danger of bacterial infection.

There are scientific evidences that kids who eat contaminated food are more prone to infections and as a result poor mental as well as physical growth. Also these infections have known to affect the working capacity and output of the adults in the same capacity.

Many people have tried many things as a measure to hide this strange soldier standing unguarded on your kitchen counter. A few methods are enlisted here:

  • Keeping it in the cabinet: well keeping the kitchen towel in the cabinet will definitely hide the paper towel but there are other problems that you may face like if you need it real urgent such as in case of water or oil spills you will have to waste a lot of time in opening the cabinet and searching for the paper towel; by this time the whole floor or the whole counter will be needing the cleaning.
  • Keeping the roll in the space for towels: well keeping your paper towel roll in the place given for the actual towel is not a bad idea but again and again opening and closing of the drawer is again cumbersome and in a hurry it will not be very feasible.
  • Hanging the paper towel under one of the cabinets: when this method is employed the paper towel rolls are placed near either the sink or the area where you prepare food. This may again pose the problem of contamination.

So what is the solution to this problem? Is there any better idea to store away the ugly paper towel roll more hygienically and effectively away from the kitchen counter? Well, the answer is yes! The solution to this problem is available in the form of magnetic paper towel holder. Magnetic paper towel holder is not only the answer to your space management problems but also the concerns regarding health of the family. Magnetic paper towel holder by Spectrum Diversified is an amazing device which is an extremely simple device but also very useful as well as handy.

Magnetic paper towel holder
Magnetic paper towel holder by Spectrum Diversified

As you all know that magnet has this amazing quality of being attracted to the metal surfaces especially those that contain iron. This property has been utilized in making magnetic paper towel holder. This towel holder has been designed in two pieces and each piece contains a magnet at its base that is supposed to stick to the metal surface. Since the magnet used is a really strong one it sticks strongly to the metal surface and does not come off with slight jerks or movements. The two piece design is a very useful design as it allows all the sizes of paper towel rolls to fit properly into the magnetic paper towel holder.

How to use magnetic paper towel holder by Spectrum Diversified.

All you have to do is stick one piece to a metal surface like fridge door or the sides of the fridge or any other metal surface that may be available around the place where you require the paper towels most and insert the small rod like extension in one end of the kitchen paper towel roll. Now place the other piece of the magnetic paper towel holder into the other end of the kitchen towel roll and place that piece too on the metal surface. The magnet will do the rest of the work. Magnet holds that kitchen towel roll perfectly in place even when you snatch a piece of paper towel in a hurry.

There are many cheap versions of magnetic paper towel holder available in the market but Spectrum Diversified is most trusted among them. You should be careful in buying them because the decrease in price may be due the low power of the magnet which will not hold properly to the surface and may fall off and be a cause of injury to you or other family members.

Thus with Spectrum Diversified magnetic paper towel holder you can store the unsightly paper towel away from your beautiful kitchen counter.


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