The Benefits Of An Ethanol Fireplace

Well, I am glad you made it all the way down here because I am about to share information on all the benefits about ethanol fires.  If you have not considered using ethanol fireplaces as a primary source of heating, and you are willing to invest in a safe product; then I will tell you about some of the best advantages of an ethanol fireplace.

1. No Chimney

One of the best aspects of an ethanol fireplace is that it is a simple construction.  The fuel, which is denatured ethanol, operates in a way so there is no need for large installation or chimneys.  Due to the fact that it does not need a chimney, it is a mobile fireplace meaning it has floor models.  By having a mobile fireplace you can take the fireplace with you when relocating, as well as moving the fireplace when changing your house’s decor.  You can also move the patio around the house if you want to, such as from the living room to the patio. You can even get them for table tops as this from Soothing Company shows.

2. No Dangerous Fumes

Unlike burning wood, the ethanol fireplace option does not emit dangerous fumes when in use.  This is the reason it does not require a chimney.  Furthermore, the ethanol fuel is clean meaning the final product of the flame uses only a small level of carbon dioxide and water.  Don’t be considered, using this fireplace won’t cause the walls to become wet or result in suffocation – see the cons about oxygen for more information.

3. From Ashes To Nothing

Another benefit of an ethanol fireplace is the side-effects of the clean flame.  Due to the flame being a vaporous one, you will not accumulate any ashes; however, there is the issue of soot.  While you won’t have any soot on the wall or ceilings, soot can be seen on the areas touched by the ethanol flame.  Of course, the mark is thin and the soot is little – in fact, it is practically non-existent.  We felt we should mention it in case you are wondering.

4. Simple To Use

While the traditional fireplace requires you to chop firewood, drag the wood inside and struggle with lighting; the use of the ethanol fireplace is a simpler operation.  To use an ethanol fireplace you must pour the liquid ethanol from the ethanol bottle onto a burner and light it.  The flames will appear in a few minutes or, in some cases, seconds.  This means you will be able to light a fire just before guests arrive and surprise loved ones with a nice, warm flame.

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