5 Tips On Cooking Indian Food

If you love Indian food and like to cook Indian dishes from home, then the following are a few basic tricks and tips to help you do just that:

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Tips on Cooking Indian Food

How to make soft, fluffy Chapatis


Chapatis are a flat wheat cake that is an essential staple of Indian cuisine. They can be eaten with gravies and curries, both non-vegetarian and vegetarian and for both dinner and lunch. However, they are one of the hardest things to master when it comes to cooking Indian food.  If you want softer chapatis, to make the dough add some warm water and then warm milk. Nead the dough. Allow it to rest for around 15 minutes before you roll it out to make chapatis.

If you want your chapatis to be round, continue to rotate your rolled out dough with a rolling pin. That will help to ensure that the dough has an even thickness throughout and the shape will become round. However, if this is a pet peeve of yours, just put a clean, small round stainless steel plate on the top of your rolled out dough and then simply cut the sides out that are exposed in order to get a perfectly rounded shape.

How to make Kheer


Kheer is a type of milk rice pudding made in various ways across the country of India. However, preparing kheer is a very time-consuming and tedious chore. Quite often the pudding will end up thickening too much and will stick to your vessel. In order to avoid that from occurring, ad some water to your vessel before you put in the milk. Use a deep heavy bottomed vessel to prepare your kheer in and make sure it doesn’t boil over and spill out of your vessel.

How to make dal

Another very important staple of Indian meals is dal. In order to make your dal more flavorful, take the extra step and roast your lentils before you cook them. Also, do this with rava. The excess dal water can be used to make rasam and then eaten with idlis and appams. You can also add water to your chapati dough in order to give it more flavor Leftover dal can be used to make dal parathas, which are delicious.

How to make fried foods

Fried Foods

All across the country of India fried foods such as vadas, potato patties, bhaturas and pooris are savored. When you are cooking vegetable fritters or pakoras, add half a teaspoon of baking soda and some warm oil to the batter. When making potato patties or tikkis, make sure to boil your potatoes well.  You can refrigerate the potato mixture for a while before you fry the tikkis. That will ensure that your patties don’t become too gooey. When you are kneading the dough to make pooris, add some rice flour to your wheat flour. This will make your pooris come out more crispy. To ensure your subzi come out flavorful, properly heat up the oil before you add the seasonings and vegetables.

How to make curries and gravies

Curries are a signature dish in Indian cuisine. Always use ripe red tomatoes for a tomato-based gravy in order to retain the fruit’s bright red color. Before you puree the tomatoes, get rid of the green parts first. Reduce the flame to fry masla to enhance the flavor. The quality of the condiments and spices you use can make or break your gravy. Make sure you have all of the necessary spices from a well-known brand and be sure you know how to use them well.

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