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Are you are a French Fry fan? Well, preparing French fries at home can be difficult because coming up with the shapes is not easy. Even so, you can be able to do this with the help of TMS French Fry Cutter. With this particular kitchen appliance you will be able to enjoy restaurant style French fries at the comfort of your home.

TMS French Fry Cutter – What it can do?

With this particular appliance, there will be no slicing or dicing that will be required.

Besides being good for use on potatoes, TMS French Fry Cutter can be used for other root vegetables including eggplants, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnip, yam and lettuce. It can also be used in extracting fruit juice from fruits such as oranges and apples.

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TMS french fry cutter

TMS French Fry cutter – Product features and specifications

Made of high quality stainless steel.

Stainless steel is rust proof, meaning that at no time will the cutter be attacked by rust. Due to this, your potato cutter will last for long since steel is extremely long lasting. The stainless steel cuts the potato chips into perfect sizes.

TMS french fry cutter

Made of aluminum alloy steel

Besides being made from stainless steel, the TMS French Fry cutter is also made from aluminum alloy steel which increases the longevity of the potato chip cutter.

Additional Features

  • The TMS French Fry Cutter has a dimension of 10 ½.
  • Each TMS French Fry Cutter includes one potato slicer and 4 interchangeable blades which are the perfect blades for potato chips.

TMS french fry cutter

Customer reviews and ratings

Customer reviews tell a lot about a product and this is also the case when it comes to TMS French Fry cutter. This product has received high ratings basically because of the great shapes of potato chips it can make. I was able to look at the customer reviews and ratings regarding this potato fry cutter and what I was able to come across caught my attention. In Amazon, for example, the TMS French fry cutter has being awarded a 4.3 star rating. This tells a lot about the potato cutter, i.e, it is among the best potato cutters you can have.

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Beside the ratings, I was able to come across some positive comments regarding this product. One positive comment that rally caught my eye was from one customer who had just bought the potato cutter. The comments were stating; It is a great cutters for sweet potatoes, requires little effort when cutting, even my little kid can be able to cut sweet potatoes using this cutter. I however advise you to keep it out of children’s reach because the blades are sharp. That’s not all, it is easy to clean, and as long as you make sure that you clean it as soon as you are done with cutting. Definitely a good value for your money.


If you want to bring the ‘restaurant experience’ to your home, then you need not look further than TMS French Fry cutter. This kitchen instrument is readily available in the market at pocket friendly prices.


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