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10-best-small-toaster-oven-minSmall toaster ovens are now budget friendly alternative to full sized ovens. The best toaster ovens are very much easy to use and also can hold a large quantity of food.

It has a preset cook design and also a safe design. Small toasters have a lifespan of 5 years. You will find a various types of toaster ovens which will differ in size, function, and color. You have so many options available that you can get the best toaster oven on your counter top and will help you to create delicious food by using minimal energy.

You will get intuitive designs oven to adjust the temperature and racks to fit your food on the oven. The best small toaster oven has preset buttons which automatically adjust the temperature and timer for food like pizzas, toast, cookies. Size is always a determining factor; you will always want to get a toaster oven to cook at least a chicken but will it fit on your counter without taking too much space.

Be careful to put your toaster oven under cabinets as because it emits high temperatures.

There are different cooking methods for toaster ovens. A conventional toaster oven use heating elements and cooks the food from outside in. You can also buy a toaster oven with a convection fan to circulate heat inside and can cook your food properly. Some toaster ovens use infrared technology which heats up your food immediately.

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Why should you buy small toaster oven?

  • It feels really good when you start your day with a golden piece of toast smothered in butter.
  • A quick and easy toast can enhance your breakfast. The best toaster oven will not let you to think of making perfect toast.
  • Toaster oven will toast a baguette or warm artisan bread for you just like you want to have it.
  • A two or four slice toaster oven will not toast as well but also will look great on your kitchen counter.
  • A small toaster oven is perfect appliance to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Some best small toaster oven reviews are given below :

Panasonic toaster oven :

small toaster oven

  • Panasonic NB-G110P Flash Xpress Toaster Oven lack some features and capacity but still cooks effectively and can toast foods.
  • It is an energy efficient model which uses 1300 watts while operating. This small toaster oven has a temperature range of 250 to 500 degree Fahrenheit. It uses infrared heating which can cook food easily and quickly.
  • This toaster oven has some lacking of safety and convenient features.
  • You can put 4 slices of bread in a single rack but unfortunately you cannot adjust the rack. It also has various buttons for temperature, timer, and cooking functions.

It has a rating of 6.75 out of 10 and is in number 10 at the list of top ten toaster oven.

BuyKenmore Elite toaster oven:


small toaster oven

  • Kenmore toaster oven lack some safety feature, it has functionality and capacity to cook wide assortment of foods.
  • Kenmore Elite has features like bake, broil, and convection bake.
  • Temperatures can be adjusted from 150 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. It takes 7 minutes to reach 350 degree.
  • You can fit 6 slices of bread or a 12 inch pizza in its rack which is adjustable. You can adjust time, temperature, and cooking functions by using the toaster’s two dials.

Kenmore Elite toaster oven has a rating of 6.75 out of 10 and as in 9th in position. 


Cuisinart toaster oven:

small toaster oven

  • Cuisinart small toaster oven serves as an effective and basic toaster oven. It can cook your food with four cooking functions including broil, toast, bagel, and bake.
  • This small toaster oven lack some conveniences and functionality.
  • You can adjust the temperatures of this toaster oven between 150 to 450 degrees. It takes five and half minute to reach 350 degrees.
  • But it does not have a timer built in its unit. You can put 6 slices of bread in it.

Cuisinart toaster oven has a rating of 6.83 out of 10 and is number 8 in top 10 toaster oven.

BuyBlack and Decker 6-slice toaster oven:

  • small toaster ovenBlack and Decker 6-slice toaster oven are used to broil, bake, reheat, toast, and can also cook rotisserie. This oven has a wide range of cooking functions.
  • This small toaster oven takes some time getting used to and can be served as an effective cooking appliance.
  • You can adjust its temperature from anywhere between 150 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. It takes 4 minutes to reach 350 degrees which is also faster than other toaster oven.
  • This toaster oven can keep an average temperature throughout cooking process. It also can hold 6 slices of bread at the same time and you can get to know it also by its name.

It has a rating of 6.85 out of 10 and that’s why it is number 7 in the list.


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Hamilton Beach toaster oven:

  • small toaster ovenIt can hold a large amount of food by using minimal amount of energy.
  • This toaster oven offers variety of features including six cooking functions and built-in probe to test the temperature of the food.
  • Though this toaster oven lack some convenient features like automatically rack eject but its capabilities and intuitive design make it a quality toaster oven for everyone.
  • It will help you prevent from under cook or over cook the food as well. You can put 6 slices of bread in this small toaster oven.

It has a rating of 7.15 out of 10 and holds the position of number 6 in top 10.

Oster toaster oven:

small toaster oven

  • Oster toaster oven not only offers baking, broiling, and convection cooking but also you can dehydrate foods as well.
  • This toaster oven serves as a compact and energy efficient supplement to your conventional oven.
  • It may lack some convenient features but it has selection of preset programs and capacity to cook large amount of foods.
  • It has a temperature range of 150 to 450 degree Fahrenheit and takes only four minutes to reach 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can put 6 slices of bread at the same time.

It has a rating of 7.63 out of 10 and is in 5th position of toaster oven.Buy

Frigidaire toaster oven:

small toaster oven

  • Frigidaire toaster oven has a wide selection of cooking function as well as larger capacity.
  • Despite its functionality and size, this toaster uses minimal amount of energy to cook foods.
  • This toaster oven allows you to make pizza, roast, bagel, toast, cookies and etc. It has 10 preset cooking functions and can cook wide assortment of foods. You will not get defrost setting programmed in this small toaster oven.
  • Though it does not have defrosted setting but you can reheat and warm your food using this toaster oven.
  • It has a temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and uses 1500 watts which is a higher number than any other toaster ovens.
  • You can put 6 slices of bread in this toaster oven.

It has a rating of 7.68 out of 10 and is number 4 in the toaster oven review.Buy

DeLonghi toaster oven: 

small toaster oven

  • DeLonghi toaster oven has two adjustable racks where you can cook multiple items at once.
  • Between its functionality and accessories, you can cook wide variety of foods and can also use it to dehydrate foods.
  • This toaster oven can bake, broil, defrost and can also dehydrate foods. The interior of this toaster oven does not include nonstick material.
  • This toaster oven can reach 180 to 450 degree Fahrenheit and take 3 minutes to reach highest temperature.
  • It uses 1400 watts and you can put 6 slices of bread in this toaster oven at a time.

It has rating of 8.28 out of 10. Its high capacity and ease of use earn it bronze award of top 10 toaster ovenBuy

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KitchenAid toaster oven:

small toaster oven

  • KitchenAid toaster oven has several safeties and convenient features which makes this small toaster oven easy and safe to use.
  • KitchenAid toaster oven offers a maximum capacity in small space. You can cook multiple items of food using two several adjustable racks at a time.
  • Though this toaster oven lacks automatic rack ejectors but its modern design and features makes it a quality toaster oven.
  • You can put 6 slices of bread and it uses 1800 watts which is almost equal to other full sized ovens.
  • You can adjust its temperature range within 150 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. For its design, high capacity, and functions

It is awarded the Silver in the top 10 toaster oven.

BuyBreville toaster oven: 

small toaster oven

  • Breville toaster oven offers great capacity, usability, and a variety of cooking options.
  • This small toaster oven is not only safe but also easy to use for cooking wide assortments of foods with convenient features.
  • This toaster oven can cook pizza, bread, bagels, cookies, and also roasts. With 9 menu options and large capacity you can use this toaster oven like a regular oven.
  • You can put 6 slices of bread in it. You can adjust temperatures from 120 to 450 degree Fahrenheit using 1800 watts.

It has the best rating of 8.82 out of 10 and is the gold award winner of the top 10 small toaster oven.


There you go, Choose the best one that suits you and your Kitchen remodeling senses.

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